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Description of the organisation

Since 2003 AIT-Energy Department runs a fully-fledged Photovoltaic Module Test Laboratory, accredited according to EN 17025, for testing of crystalline modules. Moreover, accreditation was extended for safety testing and type approval for thin film modules. With this background, research focuses on new PV technologies, advanced experimental investigation, characterization and modeling of PV modules, cells and systems.

Main contact

Shokufeh Zamini

+43 50550-6428


Role in the Project

AIT will be responsible for PV testing and characterisation. Success criteria will be defined for the new module. Performance/Efficiency will be evaluated by electrical characterisation. The aging of the PV-components under the influence of harsh climatic conditions may be simulated and quantified.
AIT has/is participated/ing in FP6 and FP7 projects, including
(I) PERFORMANCE: A science base on PV performance for increased market transparency and customer confidence,
(II) ASPIS: Active Solar Panel Initiative, and (III) SOPHIA: Photovoltaic European research infrastructure.
AIT also led the project SAN-CELL: Low-cost, silicon-free solar cells based on self-assembled nanostructures, financed by the Climate and Energy Funds of the Federal Government.



Key people involved

Rita Ebner, PhD
She obtained her Ph.D. (2003) in material physics at the University of Vienna, Austria and worked for 2 years in the research division of a solar industrial company. Since 2009 she has been employed as scientist and project manager at AIT, Department Energy. She is responsible project co-ordinator for national and international PV research projects. (e.g. FP7, “ASPIS” – “Active Solar Panel Initiative”).



Thomas Krametz, DI (FH)
He studied at the advanced technical college Technikum Vienna with the focus on power electronics and received the DI (FH) degree in electronic engineering (2003). A noise immunity test device for PV inverters was developed in the context of the diploma thesis. Since 2003 he is working as scientific employee at AIT, responsible for the accredited testing of PV modules according to international standards. He is an expert in the field of rapid lifecycle tests for PV components and the characterisation of damaged/aged PV modules. He is chairman of the working group AG-E03 5 “PV modules” of the technical subcommittee E03 of OVE (Austrian Electro-technical Association) and member of CENELEC TC82 WG1 “Cells and modules”.



Shokufeh ZAMINI,  PhD
Since 2006 at the AIT, Energy Department, responsible for research and analysis in the field of PV. She has been leading and was actively involved in several national and international research projects concerning the analysis and performance of PV devices, spectral measurements, thin film technology, and BIPV (e.g. PV-Performance, Sophia and Cheetah) . Since 2008, Dr. Zamini is a lecturer at ‘University of Applied Sciences’ Technikum Vienna, for the Thermography Laboratory. Since 2009, she is a member of the Scientific Committee of the OTTI-Thin film forum.



Christoph Mayr, Dipl.-Ing.
Head of Business Unit Photovoltaic Systems (PVS), M.Sc. (DI) in Information and Communications Technology, specialized on Microelectronics and Information Systems (2005) from the Technical University Graz, Austria. Since 2005 researcher and project manager at AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Energy Department, Electrical Energy Systems, responsible for industrial projects dealing with development of test systems for inverters, works on qualification and conformity tests of inverters for DG systems and involved in projects dealing with grid-interconnection of DG, focusing on protection and safety of grid interfaces. Operating Agent for IEA PVPS Task 14, and national representative for IEA PVPS Task 11


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