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Description of the organisation

CIEMAT is a research public body depending of the Spanish Ministry of Economy (MINECO). CIEMAT’s field of work is focused on research and innovation in energy and its environmental impact with comprehensive studies on all technologies related with both, from the basic research to the industrial application. CIEMAT Department of Energy carry out RTD projects on the study, development, and optimization of the different sources of energy: renewable, fusion, fission, and fossil fuels, including their environmental impact. Also activities on fundamental research areas such as high energy physic and biomedicine are established.
The CIEMAT human resources is about 1400 employees, main research centres are allocated in Madrid (Moncloa), Almería (Solar Platform) and Soria (CEDER)
CIEMAT Renewable Energy Division is a part of the Energy Department. Among the working groups one of most relevant is Photovoltaic Unit. Activities of PV-Unit are related from solar




Role in the Project

Since 1985 CIEMAT Photovoltaic Unit has participated in a large number of European and International funding projects, etc. The activities have been reflected in a large number of publications and national and international collaboration with another research teams.
The main role of CIEMAT within CHEETAH is to use this experience, contacts and capability of diffusion in LAC countries for the:

  • Dissemination of CHEETAH activities, publication of workshops and interchange opportunities.

  • Link with other institutions or networks participated by CIEMAT (SOLAR-ERA.Net, EERA-PV ) and local organizations for industry knowledge transfer (ALINE, FOTOPLAT).


Key people involved

The assigned person to lead the CIEMAT contribution José Herrero Rueda has been working as research scientist at the CIEMAT-DER for the past 27 years. His main interests are in the field of thin-film materials for photovoltaic solar cells. His Ph.D. thesis was based on the preparation and characterization of compounds I-II-VI2 (CuInS2 and CuInSe2) by electrochemical methods for photovoltaic applications. He has also a broad experience in material science, electrochemistry, physical-chemistry and application of the solar energy to photocatalytic processes. During the last years he is involved at National and European level in issues related to Photovoltaic policy and dissemination and strategies for PV deployment, also was one of members and founders of the Spanish Photovoltaic Technology Platform.
José Herrero Rueda has realized this type of work in projects, where industrial companies have participated within a collaborative structure. He is the author or co-author of over 180 publications in scientific journals and conference proceedings. He has supervised several Ph.D. students in the above areas and he is member of different scientific organizations.
Presently (October 2012) he has an H-index over 28 (Materials Science)



Dr. Juan Francisco Trigo is involved in Photovoltaic in CIEMAT since 2005 (Thin film-PVD, CIGS, device testing), he had his Ph.D. in Physics from UAM University working on ion beam assisted sputtering. He has also experience in surface science, microbeam analysis, material science, and thin film optics.



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