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Description of the organisation

The Italian National Agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development is a public Research organization operating in the fields of energy, environment and new technologies to support competitiveness and sustainable development. The Agency basically supports in the field of expertise public and private bodies with high-tech services, studies, measurements, tests and assessments, encouraging their use in productive and social sectors on industrial research exploiting wide-ranging expertise as well as experimental facilities, specialized laboratories, advanced equipment. The Agency’s multidisciplinary competences and great expertise in managing complex research projects are put at the disposal of the Europe and Country system through definition and participation to European programmes, working committees and groups. ENEA is also a very active member of European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) for both CPS and PV joint program. ENEA will participate to CHEETAH project with its main technical units involved on development, realisation and characterisation of PV material, devices and systems and supporting highly innovative, multipartner and transnational projects through the ENEA  Portici Center which covers an area of 27,000 m2 and houses with 120 employees  devoted to diversified semiconductor thin film technologies (sensors, TFT, optoelectronics, organic electronics and LED) and to the development of optical selective coatings and solar concentration.

Main contact

Francesco Roca

+39 -081-7723270


Role in the Project

ENEA leads WP2- Fostering the use of existing facilities and expertise. It will contribute to the definition of CHEETAH Knowledge necessity on materials and devices realization and characterization, testing of devices and modules, standardization of efficiency and stability measurements, life cycles analysis, etc. etc, (task WP2) and will manage interaction among partners to realize the collaborative frame necessary on creating, capturing and distributing knowledge among beneficiaries. ENEA will also be involved on application of nanolithographic on advanced light trapping (WP9) and lifetime implementation of organic devices by encapsulation methodology and new barrier materials is proved by scientific publication of papers and participation to national/international joint activity.


Key people involved

Francesco Roca : Physicist specialized in interaction of ionizing and non-ionizing  radiation with organic and inorganic  materials . In ENEA since 1984. Head of the unit involved in Innovative PV Materials (1997-2001)  during last year he has been project and WP leader of several national/international project on PV (FOTOENERGIA, 7FP-SOPHIA, 7FP-ECOSOLE, 7FP-NGCPV, 7FP-COSTRUCT_PV, 7FP-BFIRST, 7FP-HETSI,  5FP-MOPHET, 5FP-ASINET, 5FP-PVECNET)  Main professional skill: Growth and characterization of thin film semiconductors, amorphous/crystalline silicon Heterojunctions, PV concentrator technology and advanced PV cells. Development of smart PV modules with improved functionality, promotion of R&D activity on Solar Energy and their Environmental Impact, assessment in Europe and Mediterranea Area, promotion of personnel Exchange and training of researchers



Physicist since 2000 in ENEA  is responsible/co-responsible for national and regional projects. She is co-author of five patents and 35 scientific papers published in international peer reviewed journals and over  30 International and national conference presentations. Supervisor of B.Sc. M.S and  Ph.D. students  in physics and engineering of materials, and ENEA international fellowship researchers. Her main research interests are focused on chemical and electrochemical techniques  treatment of porous silicon and nanostructured materials fabrication. She is the   leader of ENEA Portici research group on nanomachining and morphological analysis of materials  through focused ion beam for the realization of  innovative solar cells and sensors



Mariagrazia MAGLIONE
Physicist obtained  her PhD in New Technologies for Materials, Sensors and Imaging (TIMSI) at Naples University. She started her research activity on Organic Light Emitting Device (OLED) processing in 2003. Actually her activity is mainly focused on fabrication and characterization of organic and polymeric innovative electronic devices and development of polymeric and inorganic barrier materials to realize efficient  encapsulation of  organic devices. She has been involved in European Network of Excellence Flexnet dedicated to study OTFTs and she is a member of European Encapsulation Workgroup in the Organic Electronic Association (OE-A). Leader of ENEA research group involved on development and characterization of barrier layer, she is  also active  on thin film deposition of inorganic and organic materials and fabrication of OLEDs, OTFTs and solar cells, and their  optical and electrical characterizations  by EM, mechanical testing , IV, ELV, stress and ageing tests.



Chemist  obtained PhD in Chemistry at Naples University 1998 – 2001. In ENEA since 2000 has a solid experience in the fabrication and characterization of organic and cSi solar cells to be used under concentrated light. He also  worked in the synthesis of nanostructured materials for the realization of inorganic and organic devices. He is currently involved on development and haracterization of organic solar cells: optimization of the blend film, optical modeling of the device,  molecular modeling of new materials, fabrication of the devices (spin coating and ink jet printing), cathode and anode optimization, ITO replacement with HC-PEDOT:PSS, testing of new materials by leading OPV Solar cell group.



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