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Description of the organisation

The Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie (HZB) operates the research reactor BER II, for experiments with neutrons, and the electron storage ring BESSY II. Solar energy research at the HZB is dedicated to the technology for the next generation of thin film solar cells, including thin film silicon and innovative cell structures like ultra-thin absorber layers and highly structured surfaces and interfaces.
Departments: Young Investigator Group (YIG) NanooptiX: New nanooptical concepts for chalcopyrite (Cu(In,Ga)Se2) solar cells. Aim is the reduction of absorber material, maintaining device efficiency, by integrating optical concepts on the nano- and the micro-meter scales. Institute for Heterogeneous Materials Systems E-IH: Improvement of chalcopyrite based thin film solar cells, analytics and characterization and new materials and solar cell structures. Research subjects range from basic studies of the materials properties and interfaces to device-oriented technological problems. YIG Si-Nanoarchitectures: Optimized light trapping structures, nanoimprint-lithography and silicon thin-film deposition & crystallization techniques. Photovoltaic devices based on 2D and 3D periodic crystalline silicon nanodome arrays. PvcomB: operates two R&D Lines for CIGS and thin-film Si (a-Si/µc-Si) based modules on 30x30 cm2. Within this project new module-integration schemes will be developed for both module types.

Main contact

Martina Schmid

+49 30 8062 43243


Role in the Project

Expert in thin film chalcopyrite solar cell research with 20+ years of experience, key developer of microconcentrator solar cells, in-depth knowledge in polycrystalline silicon thin-film solar cells, light trapping and nanoimprint-lithography, unique know-how in the fabrication of high-absorbing silicon nanoarchitectures for PV. We have experience both in national and international projects, namely the European ATHLET (coordinator) and numerous European projects in the field of thin film PV.



Key people involved



Martina Schmid - Head of YIG NanooptiX. At HZB since 2006. Experience and background in chalcopyrite solar cells, light management in solar cells, nanooptical concepts. Participation in EU projects (ATHLET, SOLAMON).

Iver Lauermann - Head of surface and interface analysis group at Institute E-IH. At HZB since 2002, 12 years experience in compound semiconductor thin film research, x-ray based analysis and use of synchrotron  radiation. Participated in national and European projects (ATHLET, SOPHIA, KESTCELLS)



Reiner Klenk - Head of printing group at Institute (E)E-IH. Experience in chalcoyprite solar cells, TCO, and electrical modeling. Participation in European projects (Eurocis, Sulfurcell, LARCIS, ATHLET).



Christiane Becker - Head of YIG Nano-SIPPE. At HZB since April 2007. Experience and background in polycrystalline silicon thin-film solar cells, photonic crystals. Participation in EU projects (ATHLET, PolySiMode).





Bernd Stannowski - Head of thin film Silicon cells & modules group at PVcomB. At HZB since Oct 2010. Experience and background: 8 years in thin-film silicon (a-Si/µc-Si) R&D in PV module industry, Si deposition & device development. No previous participation in EU projects.

Martha Lux-Steiner - Head of Institute E-IH. At HZB since 1995. Exp.: thin-film solar cells, surface nanostructuring with STM, AFM, ion, electron, photon beams, character. of surfaces and metal/insulator nanostructures on semiconductors, scanning probe microscopy/spectroscopy. Participation in EU projects (ATHLET, NEBULES, CISLINE, SOPHIA etc.).



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