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Description of the organisation

IFE is an international energy research institute. It is an independent, non-profit, private foundation with about 700 employees. Renewable energy and environmental technology are one of the main research activities at IFE. The Department for Solar Energy (DSE) at IFE has outstanding expertise on preparation and study of Si-based solar cells, materials for solar cells, and electronic defects in semiconductors. The IFE activity within solar cells was initiated about 15 years ago. Today, it has a modern and well-equipped processing and characterization laboratory where, among other activities, a well characterized and stable industrial baseline process is running.IFE has experience on and have developed a set of characterization methods (PL-imaging, lifetime characterization, passivation layer characterization, optical characterization) and simulation tools well suited for analysing and testing new cell concepts.

Main contact

Sean Erik Foss

+ 47 63 80 61 04


Role in the Project

IFE will mainly participate in WP 6 “Ultrathin wafer development” and WP7 “Cell processing of ultrathin wafers”. In WP 6 our activity will be related to characterization of thin wafers and in WP7 IFE’s contribution will be related to solar cell design and processing with a main focus on development and implementation of light trapping structures suitable for thin wafers.



Key people involved

Dr. Sean Erik Foss, at IFE since 2005, department head of the Solar Energy Department from 2011, senior scientist with a focus on high efficiency silicon solar cell designs, laser processing of silicon solar cells as well as metallization for high efficiency concepts. Worked with silicon solar cells since 2005. PhD from the University of Oslo, 2005, related to optical filters in porous silicon, project manager for several national and industry projects.



Dr. Erik Stensrud Marstein, at IFE since 2003, Centre Director for the Norwegian Research Centre for Solar Cell Technology. He received his PhD degree in physics from the University of Oslo in 2003. His main interest is in the area of Si solar cells, light trapping in solar cells, electronic defects and characterization.



Dr. Josefine Selj, received her PhD from IFE/University of Oslo in 2011. She has worked on the use of porous silicon for light management in silicon solar cells, thin film characterization and solar cell design.



Dr. Ørnulf Nordseth, at IFE since 2009. He received his PhD degree in electrical engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in 2010. He has worked with surface passivation of crystalline silicon wafers and design of high efficiency solar cell concepts



Dr. Junjie Zhu. In 2005, Dr. Junjie Zhu got his PhD for his work on optoelectronic material preparation and characterization. From 2009, he worked at IFE as a research scientist on crystalline silicon solar cells. His research is on the development of high efficiency Si solar cells with different concepts, including passivated rear and emitter cells, back contacted solar cells, etc. He developed a firing stable passivation process, self-aligned metallization process as well as different characterization methods.



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