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Description of the organisation

LNEG, the Portuguese National Institution for Energy and Geology, is a State Laboratory attached to the Ministry for Economy and Employment, which carries out advanced R&D work. Its mission is to promote technological innovation in the fields of energy and geology focused on science and technology, with the overriding objective of raising company competitiveness within a framework of sustainable economic progress.
The Solar Energy Unit of LNEG (UES) deals with Solar Energy both Thermal and Photovoltaics. In the field of Photovoltaics 4 main activities are developed: 1) R&D on conversion processes basically on Organic Cells and CZTS technology and on Module development (PV/T) and simulation; 2) Due Diligence and Monitoring of PV plants; 3) Training of Installers; 4) Collaboration with the Portuguese Government in the legislative framework and leading the technical component of the Portuguese PV Standards commission that follows IEC TC82. LNEG participates also at PVPS implementing agreement of IEA, on the Mirror Group of PV Platform and on the Solar European Industrial Initiative.

Main contact

António Joyce

+351 210924770





Role in the Project

LNEG as experience on the four types of activities mentioned before covering PV activities in Portugal from R&D, to Standards, Training and generally PV policies. The  PV  unit of LNEG contributes to CHEETAH objectives with expertise in Technological development of photovoltaic systems such as Organic solar cells (OPV) and Inorganic solar (CZTS-based) cells for new generation solar units, new multifunction modules (hybrid PV/T modules), and modelling and monitoring of photovoltaic systems and their components, providing laboratory infrastructure in PV technologies development, outdoor testing facilities and training facilities. It thus contributes to the general aim of the project of decreasing PV costs, providing an exchange of expertize with other R&D groups, contributing to the European PV network having in mind the participation on the EERA PV Joint Programme and contributing to a strong involvement of Industry with the participation in the Solar European Energy Initiative.


Key people involved

Dr. António Joyce – PhD -Electronic Engineer; Post Graduation course on Microelectronics and Solar conversion; Master of Science Degree; PhD in Mechanical Engineering. Principal Researcher at LNEG with R&D activities in the field of Solar Thermal and Photovoltaics; Former Director of Renewable Energies Department of INETI (2001-2009). Invited Full Professor at the University of Évora. Representing Portugal at the Renewable Energies Working Party of the IEA at the Solar European Industrial Initiative of SET Plan and Mirror Group of PV Platform. Previous participation in EU projects PV-EC-NET, Multi User Solar Hybrid Grids, BENCHMARKING, CA-RES.



Dr. José Brito Correia – PhD (Sheffield, UK, 1991) is Principal Researcher with Habilitation of LNEG; twenty years experience in processing and characterization of materials, namely nanomaterials and recently CZTS PV technology. Participation in several EU processing materials projects, namely nanostructured materials (CRAFT COPPERPLAS, EUREKA, COST and FP6).



Dr. Maria João Brites – PhD in Organic Synthesis. Researcher at LNEG. Experience in Organic Synthesis, Heterogeneous Catalysis in Organic Synthesis, Analytical Organic Chemistry. R&D activities in the field of Dye Solar Cells (DSCs) and Organic Photovoltaic cells (OPV). Participation in several national R&D projects on Organic and Dye solar cells.



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