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Description of the organisation

The team involved in Cheetah will be the Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology (CREST) of the School of Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering of Loughborough University. Loughborough University is a leading University in the UK, which generally is ranked amongst the top 20 institutions in the country, in some statistics even among the best 10. The university has a strong cross faculty research interest in sustainability and materials for energy research, which is expressed by two research schools focussing on these subjects. Two research teams will contribute, the Applied Photovoltaics Research Group (APV) and the PV-Materials Research Group (PV-Mat).
CREST is the UKs largest research team focussing on renewable energy technologies. The applied photovoltaics research group researches the performance of photovoltaic devices since 1996, having established a strong international presence in this field. The team has established a comprehensive facility to characterise devices of all types and classes. The PV Materials group has manufactured crystalline silicon devices, thin film devices and dye sensitised devices. There is a comprehensive experience in growth and characterisation of thin films (CdTe) and dye sensitised solar.

Main contact

Jake Bowers





Role in the Project

In the CHEETAH program, CREST will participate in the CSA activities.
CREST has participated in a number of relevant projects over the last decade, such as PV-Catapult, PV-Performance, PV-EERA and SOPHIA. Additionally a number of national projects on measurement, characterisation and modelling of device performance were carried out.


Key people involved

Dr. Jake Bowers is a Lecturer in Photovoltaics, and has worked at Loughborough since 2006. He holds a degree in Physics and a PhD in Photovoltaic Materials, both which he obtained from Loughborough University. His previous work focused on the development of transparent conductors for dye sensitized solar cells, whilst his current interests are in thin film chalcogenide based PV materials, atmospheric deposition processes and advanced PV characterisation techniques.



Prof Ralph Gottschalg, Head of Applied Photovoltaics Research Group, at Loughborough since 1995. Prof Gottschalg holds a degree in Physics from University of Karlsruhe and continued his studies with a MSc in Renewable Energy and a PhD into Environmental Effects on Thin Film Photovoltaics at Loughborough University. He continued his work into the interaction of the environment with photovoltaic devices and measurement and modelling of these, establishing the applied photovoltaics group, which is one of the largest research teams in the field of photovoltaics in the UK.



Dr. Gianfranco Claudio is a Lecturer in Photovoltaics, at Loughborough since 2004. He is an expert in sputtering and electrodeposition of thin film layer and more than 10 years expertise in structural optical and electrical characterisation of thin film and silicon.



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