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Description of the organisation

Middle East Technical University (METU) is the leading university in Turkey in the fields of physics and engineering departments. Over 25.000 students registered to METU in the 2011-2012 academic year. Approximately 25% of these are enrolled in graduate programs. The Center for Solar Energy Research and Application (GÜNAM) is an interdisciplinary research center formed by several research groups from different departments of METU. It has been supported by the government with significant amount of finance to create a technical infrastructure in the field of photovoltaics in the last 4 years. With this support, GÜNAM has become the most developed technology center of Turkey. Crystalline Si based solar cells, thin film solar cells, dye sensitized and organic solar cells are research topics of GÜNAM.

Main contact

Olgu Demircioğlu





Role in the Project

METU-GÜNAM has a role in WP2, WP3 and WP4. Center’s main activity is the coordination through partners and dissemination of the project in several PV related platforms. METU-GÜNAM researchers exchange with IMEC according to CHEETAH project to enhance knowledge transfer. One student from METU-GUNAM visited IMEC for 1 year while another one for six months. Some exchanges are also planned with HZB and CEA-INES.


Key people involved

The director of GÜNAM, Prof. Dr. Rasit Turan has been working on semiconductor materials and devices since 1983. He completed his Ph. D. in Physics at University of Oslo-Norway in 1990, and worked as Post Doc. at Toronto University, Canada and also at Linkoping University in Sweden. He has in depth experience on semiconductor materials and devices including solar



Olgu Demircioglu is researcher in GUNAM for 5 years. His research topic is metallization of crystalline silicon solar cells. He graduated from Physics department of METU at 2008. He completed master degree in Micro and Nano Technology Department of METU in 2012 and continues to PhD in the same department.



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