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Description of the organisation

NPL is a world-leading centre in the development and application of highly accurate measurement techniques. As the UK’s national standards laboratory, NPL underpins the national measurements system, ensuring consistency and traceability of measurements throughout the UK. NPL offers a unique range of measurement services, contract research, consultancy and training services. Other areas of expertise include the design and characterisation of engineering materials and mathematical software, especially its application to measurement and instrumentation.

Main contact

Fernando Castro

+44 20 8943 6357




Role in the Project

Within Cheetah, NPL will focus on R&D related to characterisation of organic photovoltaics as well as CSA activities. The technical work will be dedicated to the development of advanced characterisation methods to allow reliable screening of materials and devices with regards to stability. As the European National Measurement Institute with the largest dedicated programme on organic photovoltaics, NPL offers a unique mixture of experienced personnel and advanced novel characterisation facilities, such as custom environmental chambers with precise control of extremely low levels of water and oxygen coupled to in-situ measurement tools.


Key people involved

Dr. Fernando A. Castro has worked at NPL since January 2010. Fernando leads the research programme on organic electronics and photovoltaics. Dr. Castro is a Principal Research Scientist at NPL with 10 years’ experience on organic photovoltaics. In addition to 20 invited talks, Dr. Castro has published over 40 papers, 2 patent applications and several abstracts in conferences. He has also been the chair/co-chair of international conferences, acted as guest editor of journals and as referee for >15 scientific journals.
Previous participation in EU projects: Coordinator of the European Metrology Research Programme (EMRP) projects IND07 ThinFilms and ENG53 ThinErgy, participates as key-person in: EMRP NEW01 TReND; EMRP ENG55 PhotoClass and FP7 IP TREASORES (project 314068).



Dr. James Blakesley joined NPL in March 2012. James is a Senior Research Scientist and currently leads several projects on device stability and characterisation of photovoltaics. He obtained his PhD in 2005 from the University of Cambridge for work on single-photon detectors. He went on to study the feasibility of using polymer-based detectors for medical imaging at University College London. More recently he has worked at Cambridge and Potsdam Universities on the characterisation and modelling of organic semiconductor devices, with particular emphasis on charge transport and disorder in photovoltaics.



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