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Description of the organisation

Tallinn University of Technology (TUT) is the only technological university in Estonia and the flagship of Estonian engineering and technical education. TUT is also a research university where discoveries are transferred into studies and the real life through knowledge. TUT has cooperation projects with top universities (Stanford, Berkeley, MIT, Harvard, etc.), scientists and companies (e.g. Microsoft, Google, IBM, ABB, etc.). One aim of TUT is to increase the international dimension in its studies, research and development activities.
The Department of Materials Science (DMS) of TUT counts 41 high level scientists and 12 doctoral and postdoctoral students. About 60 patents have been received by DMS in the field of solar energy materials and devices. The DMS is a National Centre of Excellence in High-technology materials for sustainable development” and Analytical SEM”. DMS also leads national research programmes in the field of solar energy materials research.

Main contact

Maarja Grossberg

+372 6203210




Role in the Project

The research group of DMS in TUT has long term experience in the field of studies of the chalcopyrite and kesterite absorber materials for solar cells. We have developed a unique monograin layer (MGL) solar cell design. We are interested in implementing the MGL concept in the micro-concentrator solar cells that would be a new application for our unique technology (main contribution to WP9).
DMS is participating in both JRA and CSA activities. We provide access to our advanced characterization facilities together with the knowledge of experienced personnel. We also provide cooperation with our spin-off company Crystalsol OÜ implementing our developed technology and MGL solar cell concept.


Key people involved

Maarja Grossberg, Senior researcher, in TUT since 2003, leader of the national targeted financing project and research grants. Specialization on defect studies by using optical and electrical characterization methods (Raman and photoluminescence spectroscopy, admittance spectroscopy, modulation spectroscopy).



Enn Mellikov, Professor, Head of DMS, in TUT since 1962. He is well-known scientist in the field of solar energy materials science. He has been a member of Research and Technology Board of European PV Technological Platform. He is and has been the leader of many national and international projects in the field of PV materials research.



Marit Kauk-Kuusik, Senior researcher, in TUT since 1999. Specialization on materials synthesis by various methods (monograin powder technology, chemical bath deposition etc.). She is leading and has led industry related projects and research grants.



Tiit Varema, Senior researcher, in TUT since 1971. Specialization on the development of solar cell structures and materials deposition by sputtering techniques.





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