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Description of the organisation

The University of Milano-Bicocca (UNIMIB) offers 70 different academic programmes, ranging over many scientific and humanistic fields and 14 departments for research activities. It is a young, dynamic and multidisciplinary university, which in the space of 15 years has created an extensive network that includes many world-famous universities and research centres. In 2010 the MIB-SOLAR Center of the University of Milano-Bicocca was founded to enhance and to promote the already well-established UNIMIB research activities in the field of PV technologies. The distinctive feature of MIB-SOLAR is the ability to offer research and development all the way, from the computational design of the material to the preparation and characterization of the device at pre-competitive level, with a close interaction between academia and industry, working from crystalline silicon to inorganic, organic and hybrid thin film devices. Some of the components of the MIBSOLAR have been studied for more than 20 years such as the electronic and optical properties of defects in semiconductors for PV application. MIBSOLAR is currently working on CIGS solar cells with an innovative patented deposition system to deposit film on flexible substrates on the characterization of silicon material and silicon solar cells, on DSSC solar cells and on innovative cell like one based on peroskite and CZTS.

Main contact

Simona Binetti

+ 39 02 64485177




Role in the Project

UNIMIB will contribute to the network activities concerning dissemination training workshops, mobility of researchers, use of existing facilities and expertise (WP2, WP3). In the frame of WP2 it will contribute to the definition of CHEETAH Knowledge necessity on materials and devices realization and characterization. In the frame of WP3 as we can offer technical skills in the deposition of thin film (CIGS, CZTS, DSC) and in the characterization of many PV materials we can provide access to our advanced facilities together with the knowledge of experienced personnel. UNIMIB will also participate to mobility with own researchers, education and International Cooperation Activities in WP3.
In the frame of dissemination UNIMIB can contribute to Knowledge transfer and exploitation of results and link with industry. It can also provide the link between CHEETACH results and the Italian PV industry as UNIMIB is member of Energy Lombardy cluster.
It participates to dissemination, internal and external communication actions in WP4 (participation and organization of workshop, schools, seminars).
Finally UNIMIB, as a public university, can increase the scientific knowledge related to the topics of JRA activities with its own research activities on the same fields, by supporting activities of the JRA partners, establishing scientific collaborations with the project partners and disseminate this scientific knowledge.


Key people involved

Simona Binetti: In UNIMIB since 1999. Associate Professor in Physical Chemistry vice-director of MIBSOLAR center. Her research activity is mainly devoted to the study of the effect of defects on electrical and optical properties of semiconductor (Si, SIC, nc-Si, CuInGaSe2 and CZTS). In this context she developed original research activities in the field of the role of defects on the opto-electrical properties of silicon for PV. Since 1990, she has been involved in 8 European Renewable Energy Projects. Author of more than 100 articles in peer–reviewed journals.



Maurizio Acciarri: Since 2002 researcher in Physics at UNIMIB, from 2014 associate Professor in Physics member of scientific and executive committee of MIBSOLAR center. His research activity pertains to the study of transport properties and recombination properties of defects in semiconductors (Si, (CuInGaSe_2, SiGe) and, recently in the growth of CIGS thin films. Author of more than 100 articles published on international magazines.



Alessandro Abbotto: In UNIMIB since 1995; Full Professor since 2010 in Organic Chemistry and Materials. Director of the Solar Energy Research Center MIB-SOLAR of the University of Milano-Bicocca and National Coordinator for the Network in Chemistry of Renewable Energies of the Italian Chemical Society. Dean of the undegraduate programs in Chemistry of the University of Milano-Bicocca (Eurobachelor and Euromaster). Main current scientific interests include materials and devices for organic and hybrid photovoltaics (DSSC, perovskites, OPV) and solar fuels (hydrogen).



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