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Description of the organisation

The Nanophotonics Technology Center (NTC) is a research institute at the Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain, and leader in Europe in knowledge generation, development and integration of innovative photonics technologies and systems.
Currently there are five research areas at the NTC: Photovoltaics, optical networks and systems, photonic materials and devices, micro/nanofabrication and packaging and microwave nanophotonics. The NTC has also a complete production line for the micro/nanofabrication on silicon with CMOS compatible technology that allows the processing of both photonic and electronic devices.
The photovoltaic research area is focused on design, modelling, manufacturing, and characterization of silicon-based photovoltaic devices.
The main objectives of the photovoltaic research line are the technological development of high efficiency Silicon Solar Cells for transfer to the PV Industry, the development of Thin-film Silicon technology for transfer to the PV Industry and the research in photonic new concepts applied to photovoltaic technologies.

Main contact

Guillermo Sánchez Plaza

+34 963 879 729





Role in the Project

The NTC is currently coordinating 3 FP7 UE projects, participating in 4 non coordinated FP7 projects and a large national project, which gives us the appropriate experience to carry out all the coordination and support actions of the project. Our state-of-the-art nanophotonic clean-room infrastructure can provide unique nano-processing knowledge and capabilities to the photovoltaic community. In the CHEETAH project, UPVLC will lead task 4.2 which deals with the coordination of the use of infrastructures.


Key people involved

Guillermo Sánchez Plaza received degree in Physics Science, specialization in Applied Physics by Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in 1985. Most of his career was developed at ATT Microelectronics, Madrid. He has also worked for Bell Labs in Allentown and Orlando plant as responsible for the 0.5 um CMOS Technology as supervisor for the Technology & Development group. Since 2002 he is the Technology Director of the Nanophotonics Technology Center in Valencia (Spain) and the coordinator of the Photovoltaics Area.



Dr. Salvador Ponce-Alcántara has Degree in Physics and a Master Degree in Electronic Engineering (University of Granada). He finished his thesis in the Solar Energy Institute (Polytechnic University of Madrid) in 2007. He worked as a process engineer at Isofoton S.A. (Málaga, Spain) until 2009 and at Pevafersa S.L. in the startup of a multicrystalline silicon solar cells manufacturing line. Since December 2011, his is working in the Photovoltaic Department of the Nanophotonics Technology Center as responsible of the fabrication and characterization of high efficiency solar cells.



Caterina Calatayud Noguera holds a law degree and since 2008 is in charge of the management of the European projects at the NTC. Since 2008, the NTC has coordinated PHOLOGIC, SABIO, UCELLS, FIVER, TAILPHOX, LIMA, GAIA, MERMIG and SITOGA and participated in many other international projects.



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