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Description of the organisation

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is a non-profit government organisation established by law and operating under the auspices of the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy. VTT is a multitechnological research organisation providing high-end technology solutions and innovation services.
From its wide knowledge base, VTT can combine different technologies, create new innovations and a wide range of world-class technologies and applied research services, thus improving its clients’ competitiveness and competence. Through its international scientific and technology networks, VTT can produce information, upgrade technology knowledge, and create business intelligence and value added for its stakeholders. VTT’s key technology fields include: Applied materials, Bio- and chemical processes, Energy, ICT, Industrial systems, Microtechnologies and electronics, Services and the built environment, and Business Research.
VTT Group is the largest public applied research activity in Northern Europe with a staff of 2800 and turnover M€280. VTT has 70 years of experience in addressing the needs of industry and the knowledge-based society. VTT has participated in more than 1000 European R&D Framework Programme projects, within various thematic programmes.
Printed Functional Solutions Centre works on development of large area roll-to-roll (R2R) solution based production technologies for organic photovoltaics (OPV). R2R production environment includes several R2R pilot production machines for processing of flexible OPV modules. The Centre has modern characterization facilities with profilometers, AFM, SEM, rheology, etc.

Main contact

Jukka Hast

+358 20 722 2042





Role in the Project

  • VTT participates to Mobility, education and International Cooperation Activities in WP3.

  • VTT participates to Dissemination, internal and external communication actions in WP4.


Key people involved

Prof., Dr. Jukka Hast, worked in VTT since 2005. Acts today as Research Professor and Research Manager of Printed and Hybrid Functionalities research area. More than eight years of experience on printed electronics and optics materials, roll-to-roll processes and applications.



Senior Scientist, Dr. Tommi Vuorinen has worked in VTT since 2007. He is coordinator of VTT’s solar energy research. He has more than 8 year experience on photochemistry and photophysics of organic materials.



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