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Final event - European Solar Technology Forum

30 November 2017 - Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie (HZB), Berlin, Germany


This event is a unique networking opportunity to get to know leading experts from research and also industry. It summarises 4 years’ research results, how to implement and continue the innovations in the years to come. Key innovations include:
• Water based Crystalline Silicon - « Getting below a 100 microns »
• Thin Film PV - « Thinner and more efficient through smart cells »
• Organic PV & Perovskite - « Instrinsic long term stability without special encapsulation »

One of the core objectives of the CHEETAH project is to accelerate the implementation of innovative technologies in the PV industry. SolarPower Europe and EIT-InnoEnergy support the project consortium in establishing the link between research and industry by the organisation of public conferences and the publication of reports demonstrating the commercial value of technologies developed in the CHEETAH project. CHEETAH research institutes are keen to discuss and launch partnerships with companies to commercialise new solutions developed in the CHEETAH project.

CHEETAH is a combined collaborative project (CP) and coordination and support action (CSA) funded under the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme (2014 – 2017). CHEETAH aims to solve specific R&D issues in the EERA-PV Joint Program and to overcome fragmentation of European PV R&D in Europe and intensify the collaboration between R&D providers and industry to accelerate the industrialization of

With 16 nationalities represented in the consortium, CHEETAH’s ambition is to develop technology and foster innovative manufacturing capabilities and photovoltaic products so that Europe can develop its technological and industrial capacity in all parts of the value chain.

CHEETAH’s objectives for the 4 years of the program were threefold:
• Developing new concepts and technologies for waferbased crystalline silicon PV (modules with ultrathin cells), thin film PV (advanced light management) and organic PV (very low-cost barriers), resulting in (strongly) reduced cost of environmentally benign/abundant/non-toxic materials and increased module performance.
• Fostering long-term European cooperation in the PV R&D sector, by sharing knowledge, organizing workshops, exchange and training researchers inside and outside Europe, efficient use of infrastructures, promoting best practices and standards.
• Accelerating the implementation of innovative technologies in the PV industry, by a strong involvement of SolarPower Europe and IT-InnoEnergy in this program.



  • Agenda

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  • Presentations

Opening Plenary Session: CHEETAH – Four years of PV Research Innovations

  1. The CHEETAH project - Four years of PV research innovations - Jan Kroon, ECN


Parallel Round Table Debates

  1. Crystalline Silicon based PV
  2. Thin Film PV
  3. Organic PV and Perovskite


Closing Plenary Session: CHEETAH – The way forward

  1. After CHEETAH - The way forward - Ivan Gordon, imec
  2. Priorities for new and improved PV standards - Nigel Taylor, Joint Research Center, European Commission
  • Flyer

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