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Coordination activities

Fostering the use of existing facilities and expertise

The strategic is, on one hand, to identify currently running technical-scientific needs of European PV RTD sector and, on the other hand, to establish the best way of taking profit from the strength owned by each CHEETAH partner in terms of facilities and expertise, in order to improve collaboration inside European PV Research and Industrial community. To achieve this, the practical objectives are threefold:

  • Define technical-scientific necessities
  • Provide a joint programme of the availability and enhance the strategic use of PV resources at the European level
  • Ensure efficient implementation of the research work plan and reinforce cooperation and synergies among the partners through exchange of knowledge and expertise in order to foster higher level of excellence in participating organizations
  • Offer tools and procedures to enlarge opportunities to collaborate and take profit from reciprocal availability of expertise, equipment and procedures based on conventional approach (newsletter, circular email, etc)  and innovative applications of Information and communications technology (ICT) by CHEETAH Knowledge Exchange web Portal

Mobility, education and International Cooperation Activities

The objective is to ensure the knowledge level at the European PV R&D institutes remains at the forefront of international excellence. The aim is thus to:

  • Coordinate the R&D efforts on an international level, and thus avoid the development of parallel structure and repetition of research projects internationally, therefore leading to faster innovation
  • Increase the level of awareness of scientists for a better implementation of PV projects
  • Support increased bilateral cooperation between international institutions on specific RTD topics relevant to create synergies
  • Create a knowledge pool on different regional framework conditions for PV development and implementation, and supporting measures and regulation
  • Ensure efficient implementation of the research work plan
  • Reinforce cooperation and synergies among the partners and with international organizations, as well as reinforcing the impact and participation of some events (like summer schools) and fostering higher level of excellence in the organizations

Dissemination, internal and external communication

The aim is to promote the research results towards targeted audiences, via different dissemination, communication and information tools. Appropriate e-tools will be implemented for easy communication and dissemination of information to external scientific community and also targeting other stakeholders with interests in the PV field. More specific objectives are to:

  • Provide information to all the partners of the CHEETAH project about scientific platforms, e.g. conferences, workshops, which are well suited to present project results from each work package
  • ensure that the research community at large is informed about the activities of the CHEETAH project, and consulted when/if appropriate, by organizing e.g. workshops with internal and external participants
  • Organise the sharing of the access among project partners to their own relevant intellectual property (IP) assets (foreground and background)
  • Lay the grounds for the pooling of complementary IP assets among project partners, in order to favor the promotion and the exploitation of more complex research results.

Acceleration of innovations’ implementation

The objective is to boost and efficiently enhance the transfer of knowledge built upon the results developed by project partners to the industry sector and to important PV market stakeholders and decision makers, and discuss and define follow up programs with these parties. That is designed to be done through:

  • Building up an active dialogue in cooperation with SolarPower Europe for innovation/technology transfer and knowledge dissemination among industrial parties. The continuous dialogue will make use of different communication means and products and will aim to present in a concrete and understandable way the improvements and activities of project partners that are directly related to industry interests and can be absorbed in short-term or longer-term (distinction should be made).
  • Synergies with the support and services offered by the KIC InnoEnergy. A proper planning of the actions will be proposed (and assignment of role to the different project partners) in order to foster the direct and indirect exploitation of research results.